• Complex

    “When we take client referrals, we do our job in the bankruptcy arena, and then we return the clients back to those lawyers in healthier financial standing.”
    —Leonard H. Simon

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  • Commercial

    “Why is it important to hire an experienced commercial litigator? That’s like asking why is it important to have a doctor who’s performed surgery before. You want somebody who has seen it all and, at Pendergraft & Simon, we have seen it all.”
    —Robert L. Pendergraft

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  • Civil

    “Appellate work is so much more than the next step after a trial. Here at Pendergraft & Simon, we look ahead to avoid potential appellate traps starting on day one of the litigation.”
    —William P. Haddock

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Pendergraft & Simon

Pendergraft & Simon, LLP is a boutique law firm with a practice devoted primarily to complex bankruptcy matters, appeals, and commercial litigation, in both federal and state courts. The firm had its origins in a law practice that commenced in 1982 as a partnership between Robert L. Pendergraft and Leonard H. Simon. Our aim is to provide large firm expertise and services in a small firm environment.

As a boutique practice, Pendergraft & Simon, LLP provides services to corporate and real estate lawyers whose clients are in need of litigation and bankruptcy expertise. Lawyers who refer us their clients can feel assured that their clients will be taken care of and given the highest quality representation. Any client referred to us will always remain the client of the referring lawyer.

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