Civil Appeals

Our system of appeals is designed to provide justice to citizens and businesses who did not receive a fair trial and to prevent one verdict or one decision from being final. Our appellate lawyers handle the re-trial of a broad range of disputes arising in business, real estate, contracts, shareholder disputes, corporate law, and bankruptcy.

“Appellate work is so much more than the next step after a trial. Here at Pendergraft & Simon, we look ahead to avoid potential appellate traps starting on day one of the litigation.”—William P. Haddock


Our attorneys are experts in navigating through state appellate procedure. Always keeping our clients’ financial interests in mind, we carefully analyze the evidence to predict the prospect for successfully challenging the ruling of a state court. This expert analysis allows our firm to identify procedural or evidentiary challenges that must be overcome. We make sure the client has all the data they need to make an informed decision as to whether or not an appeal would be beneficial to them.


If a state court rejects an appeal or refuses to re-open a case, state verdicts can still be appealed to a higher federal court. When we believe the client’s case has a high probability of success, we file persuasive federal civil appellate briefs and present oral arguments to federal judges. We have an extensive understanding of how the federal court system operates, as well as the challenges presented in successfully overturning a previously rendered verdict. Our expert attorneys have been successful in many federal appeals, including those that we have litigated all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States.