Real Estate

Buying and selling property is far more complex than it seems and is often one of the most significant financial transactions in a business’s or individual’s lifetime. The purchasing or selling of a home, piece of property, or any type of real estate involves lengthy, binding contracts which should be reviewed by a qualified real estate lawyer for your own protection.

With decades of experience, our firm can help in every aspect of your real estate transaction from first purchase, to sale, to bankruptcy. If you are about to enter into a real estate contract and have reservations, contact our firm as soon as possible to discuss how we can help you.


With increasing fraudulent practices in complex real estate transactions, the need to have experienced attorneys on your side to protect your interests is essential. We at Pendergraft & Simon know how to prosecute fraud in the sale of real estate.


When real estate is bought or sold, a loan from a bank is one of the most crucial aspects of the process. However, these loans may be willfully and even illegally delayed for a number of reasons, any of which can result in the loss of a deal and substantial financial hardships. When someone successfully applies for or even pre-qualifies for a loan, there are certain obligations the lender must adhere to, and our attorneys know how to litigate against those who don’t.


When filing for bankruptcy any real estate owned by a business may be put in jeopardy. Our firm has experience in helping businesses navigate the complex world of bankruptcy and in utilizing every legal resource to protect our clients real estate.