Creditors and Lenders

Our attorneys at Pendergraft & Simon have the skill and the knowledge to provide transactional and litigation advice to banks, businesses and individuals in all aspects of the lending process, regardless of the size of the loan transaction.

We represent banks and other lenders in credit facility transactions across a wide array of industries. Our lawyers are experts at negotiating and structuring new credit facilities and preparing all necessary documents for a new loan transaction. This includes security agreements, deeds of trust, and any other document creating and/or perfecting security interests in all forms of collateral.

We have extensive experience with loans for all usual purposes, including real estate acquisition and development loans, construction loans, business acquisition loans, commercial and industrial loans and working capital facilities. Our attorneys also counsel lenders involved in syndicated loan transactions. We regularly participate in the negotiation and documentation of loan amendments, renewals, modifications, re-structures and consolidations.

Our services don’t necessarily stop at the courthouse door; once we receive a judgment in favor of our clients, we work hard to collect what is owed by whatever means are at our disposal under Texas and federal law, including liquidation of collateral and other personal property as well as foreclosures of real property. We will also enforce lien rights and other protections that don’t involve litigation.